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Fuel Cells | Department of Energy
Fuel cells have several benefits over conventional combustion-based technologies currently used in many power plants and vehicles. Fuel cells can operate at higher efficiencies than combustion engines and can convert the chemical energy in the fuel directly to electrical energy with efficiencies capable of exceeding 60%.

Fuel Cells - Wiley Online Library
Fuel Cells - From Fundamentals to Systems publishes on all aspects of fuel cells, ranging from their molecular basis including theory and with molecular processes at catalyst surfaces and microscopic processes in membranes to their application in systems such as power plants, road vehicles and power sources in portables. It includes electrochemical energy technology as in energy conversion and ...

A Basic Overview of Fuel Cell Technology
Molten Carbonate fuel cells (MCFC) use high-temperature compounds of salt (like sodium or magnesium) carbonates (chemically, CO 3) as the electrolyte.Efficiency ranges from 60 to 80 percent, and operating temperature is about 650 degrees C (1,200 degrees F). Units with output up to 2 megawatts (MW) have been constructed, and designs exist for units up to 100 MW.

Aero Tec Laboratories - Aero Tec Labs - Aerotech - ATL ...
liquid storage • portable tanks • atl fuel cells • flex-tanks • flotation • water cells • air cells • collapsible fabric tanks • fuel-drums pillow tanks • inflatables • liners • secondary containment berms • racing fuel cell bladder tanks • ballistic self-sealing tanks

All fuel cells are developed, tested and produced according to the highest quality standards at the headquarters near Munich. Environmentally friendly, reliable, quiet, weather independent and self-sufficient for months - power generators and fully integrated energy solutions from SFC Energy provide the perfect self-sufficient power supply.

F C C FFC Fuel Cells - Energy
Fuel Cells Fuel cells are the most energy efficient devices for extracting power from fuels. Capable of running on a variety of fuels, including hydrogen, natural gas, and biogas, fuel cells can provide clean power for applications ranging from less than a watt to multiple megawatts. Our transportation—including personal

Fuel Cells Etc
Commercial Fuel Cell Components. FuelCellsEtc is a fuel cell manufacturer specializing in high performance custom fuel cell and electrolyzer components to product manufacturers, researchers and educators around the world.

Benefits and Disadvantages | Fuel Cells - University of ...
High Efficiency- when utilizing co-generation, fuel cells can attain over 80% energy efficiency; Good reliability- quality of power provided does not degrade over time. Noise- offers a much more silent and smooth alternative to conventional energy production. Environmentally beneficial- greatly reduces CO2 and harmful pollutant emissions.

Fuel Cell Today, the leading authority on fuel cells
Fuel cells are used in a wide range of portable, stationary and transport applications, from battery chargers to home heating and power to cars. Arguably, fuel cells represent the most versatile energy solution ever invented. Here you can find more information about the history and commercial applications of fuel cells.

Types of Fuel Cells | Department of Energy
Fuel cells are classified primarily by the kind of electrolyte they employ. This classification determines the kind of electro-chemical reactions that take place in the cell, the kind of catalysts required, the temperature range in which the cell operates, the fuel required, and other factors.